Monday, June 8, 2015

Background Noise

Naughty in the South this weekend was a blast! Events are always so amazing to me, no matter the background noise. I get so thrilled when I meet new people whether they are readers, bloggers, or authors because they become new friends. The fact that I get to meet people from all over our country and world at these things rocks my world. I'm just a small town girl who hasn't traveled very far and it literally makes my day to meet these people!
Another of my favorite things about events is hanging out with people that I have met from previous signings. Some, I consider to be very close friends. The whole shabang is one ginormous load to my heart. Its the small things. Like a smile from someone just passing by your table, a thank you from a reader, all the way to the big things such as your husbands boyfriend trying to give you a lap dance, but dying from laughter instead. This is what everyone should be focused on. The good times, the things that make you smile and make you feel like every moment should be like that one.
Now to talk about the background noise that I mentioned earlier. I have been an author for going on two years now, and a majority of the time there has been on-going said 'background noise' (drama). I call it that because that is how I have treated it, ignore it and move on. I have never once commented on it because I for one do not want to be in it at all. However, I would like to say that it saddens me deeply to see that we as authors can be so truly...petty.
There were some issues with the event this weekend, I'm not saying there wasn't. I think the event needed more guidance than it received, but I also know there was a lot of issues that happened with the coordinator and the previous assistant. I understand that shit happens. The lunch issue sucked ass. <--- Just stating the obvious.
The way it all was handled though, the way everyone was treating each other when they had a problem, is what really got me though. Someone mentioned not feeling the Southern Hospitality this weekend, but you have to give to get. Please? Thank you? Do manners exist anymore? WHATS WITH ALL THE RUDENESS?? Jeez people. I seriously just wanted to drop my head every time I witnessed it this weekend. It's just ridiculous to be honest.
If you don't like what someone thinks about you, move on. If you reply back to them with more hate then it's just going to be a never ending god forsaken circle of NONSENSE! If you don't like me, it sucks. I don't like people hating on me, I love everyone (I'm a flower child's kid). But I don't like stressing over it. Talk about me, say I am weird and annoying, you know what I am going to do? I am going to vent to my hubby, brush my shoulders off, and move the fuck on.
Ok, I feel better. This went a little further than I wanted it to go. I was just wanting to state how sad it makes me to see us constantly bashing each other over nothing really. I don't go to many signing as it is, but with the way they keep turning out I may not go at all anymore. I have typed this up more times than once over the years, but always delete it because I have been scared of the repercussions. I know I will have people that won't like what I have said, and disagree, but that is ok... message me, comment and I will kill you with kindness damnit! ;)
Love you all, forget your hate, leave it at the door, please!
Faith S Lynn