Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kids, I swear!

  So, last night I am at the school for my sons Christmas concert and my girls teacher comes up to me (Keep in mind they are in Kindergarten). She tells me that she has a story to tell me and that I will get a kick out of it. Hmm... So I am thinking 'Oh Shit. What have they done?'

  She proceeds by telling they have been working on creating list. Monday, they made Christmas list for Santa, yesterday they were doing grocery list. She tell all the kids to look around the class room and say things that they needed for their grocery list. Well, one of my lovely daughters shouts out, 'My mommy needs wine!'

  Well their teacher just smiles and says 'Things for the classroom, hun.'
What does my baby say? 'But she really needs some.' OMG, I could have died! On the bright side though I guess she was just looking out for me.