Sunday, February 9, 2014

What's Happening?

So, I have been crazy busy recently and it seems it is just getting crazier.

I figured I would give you an update as what to expect from me over the next couple of months.

From Lies to Promises should be hitting paperback within the next couple of weeks. I know I have been saying that for quite sometime, but I promise it's going to happen this time if I have to stay up endless nights to make sure that it happens!!

RANSOM is about halfway through the writing process right now and I will be throwing teasers your way as often as I can! I just hope you are all ready for Lynkin, because to be honest he is VERY demanding. I am hoping (Hoping being the operative word) for a May release date.

I am hoping to have Lexi's story out by May as well, but I haven't even begun to write it, simply because (like I said a minute ago) Lynkin is demanding. Just bear with me!

This month (February) I am completely stoked to be taking over some blogs on Facebook. I did one last night with A Pair of Okies and it was a BLAST!!! So make sure that you keep up with those and join in with me. 
I have another on the 21st with Red Cheeks Reads.

Also, one on the 23rd with We Luv Books.

If you haven't already heard I have my first author signing in July. I am completely nervous about it due to the fact I will be there signing along with some women that I completely idolize. But I am totally stoked to meet some of you amazing readers in person! If you want to come it is in Knoxville, TN and the tickets are FREE all you need to do is register! Here is where you can do that:

Ok, I think that covers it!

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