Monday, July 27, 2015

*%@#ing Life, Man

So here it goes. I'm exhausted.
     There I said it, but I don't feel any better. I really do not know how the other author moms with full time jobs do it (Like for real, how?). Especially, the ones that are putting books out like every three months...I am baffled.
     I have a full time 9-6 job, 3 kiddos, and a LIFE! For the first two books I put out I literally spent every waking moment at home plugged into my computer. My husband got real upset with me and rightly so. I can't do it folks. I love writing and I will continue to put out books, but I will do it on my time. I want to see my children grow and have fun with them while they still want me around. I like cooking supper for my family and sitting around playing video games with my son and hubby. I can't live without spending time with my homies and having fun. I also enjoy sleep. A LOT.
     I feel like a loser. Maybe I should be striving harder for something that I love, but there isn't enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want. It has been over a year since I published my last book and I still have another month of work ahead of me. I plan on putting everything I have into having it out by the end of August, however, plans don't ever seem to go as I want them to.
     Try and not hate me. I am still writing, I'm not going anywhere. I promise!!! I am just slower than others I assume. I'm not ok with it by any means. I actually beat myself up pretty hard for not being able to pump out words as quickly as others.
     Either way, that is my RAWR of the week. Thanks for listening! Love ya!
Faith S Lynn

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