Friday, September 20, 2013

?My name?

  I figured I would let you good people know that Faith S Lynn is my pen name. As dedication to my amazing children, I took their middle names to make it.

  I probably wouldn't have used a pen name. But you see, me and my sister-n-law(to me she is my sister), well we have the same name. Yep, same first names & we married brothers. What's the chances, I mean really? People are always like, 'Wow, yall have the same name.' Then we proceed to tell them how it happened when we really just want to scream at them!

  It's just as bad as taking my twin girls into public.
'Are they twins?'     
'Are they both girls'

I literally am thinking about making them shirts that say,
'Yes, we are twins.'
and make them wear it every single time we leave the house.

It gets old fast!

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