Saturday, January 11, 2014

**Blog Tour**

Monday starts the first day of my blog tour and I am very excited to see what all the blogs thought of From Lies to Promises!!

All week I have been getting messages from people that have bought the book or received an ARC, telling me how much they loved it! I wished I could express to you all how happy that makes me. This is why I wanted to write and share these stories, to make people fall in love with the characters that randomly pop into my head and scream "Write My Story!!"

So I thank those of you that have read and loved Katrina and Ryder's book. If you haven't read it yet, that's okay, too. I have a feeling you will get to it soon! ;)

As for the questions of will this be a series. I absolutely have thought about writing TJ a book, but not right this moment. I have also had a few inquiries ask about whether or not Skeigh and Lexi will get their own book. I will let you know when they start speaking to me...

Right now my main focus is getting these two new people out of my head. They are very, very demanding and want this out, like last week. I hope to announce their book title and synopsis within the next month. Until then fall for Ryder if you haven't already. ;) 

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