Friday, February 20, 2015

Sneak Peek 1 of Human Intervention

Ok, so I promised you guys sneak peeks into my newest work, Human Intervention. So here ya go.

Meet Sadie. She is a Senior in high school and a science project. But those are details for a later date.

     I begin thinking about when things started happening to me. They were easy to explain off at first. A glass sliding off the table could be because condensation under the cup or the water in the sink turning on by itself was probably left on and I didn’t remember. The older I got the more I knew that it was more than that. Just like me being able to hear conversations twenty yards away.

     I close my eyes briefly and when I open them again the light stings my eyes, but I keep staring. I stare until my eyes hurt so much tears stream down my temples and into my hair. Suddenly, I am shrouded in darkness. I relish the relief that the darkness gives my eyes. I pull myself up onto my elbows and something stings at my forearms. I lean over to my night stand and turn on my lamp. I look at my arm and see little cuts up and down both of them because the bed is littered with glass. The bulbs in my overhead light shattered.

     I shattered it.

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