Saturday, February 7, 2015


Ok, so obviously if you look at my last post it has been a while since I have updated the blog. But I am back and it is updated now. I plan to make post on here at least twice a week!

  I actually feel really bad about not keeping you all more into the loop than I have. I have been working my hardest to get my newest book out to you. Last time I updated you guys on where I was I was in the process of writing Ransom and Lexi's story (A follow up book to From Lies to Promises) which is a novella and now has a name: From Scars to Stars. Here is a little teaser from it.

I don't have an exact release date on it just yet but I am hoping for sooner than later. I am also working on a new project that I am really excited about that could possibly turn into a series. Human Intervention (name subject to change) is different from the other book that I have written. I'm not quite sure how to categorize it yet. It's a genetic engineering/urban fantasy. Sounds fun right!?

I also plan to do something a little differently than I have before. Every once and a while I will be posting exclusive looks into Human Intervention. So make sure you pop over here so you don't miss them. Tell me what you think! I love input.

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